Why Us

Why Choose CFS?

Corporate Fleet Services can help you find the vehicle that is right for your needs.  With just one phone call, we can help you find any make or model, car, truck, or shuttle bus.  Special fuel requirements?  No problem.  We can help you evaluate gasoline, diesel, and alternative energy vehicles to suit your business requirements.  Perhaps most importantly, Corporate Fleet Services is a “NO FEE” lessor.  What that means to you is no hidden fees or surprise surcharges.  We only charge you for the competitive monthly lease rate for the duration of your lease.  Other companies may offer “low initial” rates to win your business and then take on a host of fine print add-on fees and charges.  At Corporate Fleet Services we fully disclose your costs up front and then spend our time serving your business needs.

CFS is your vehicle fleet administrator whether you have one car or hundreds. We are happy to serve as your outsourced vehicle management company. If you are an in-house corporate fleet manager, then you want to use Corporate Fleet Services so we can make you look like a hero!

CFS is a Full Disclosure Lessor. We practice “open book” leasing and clearly define terms and vehicle values

Since 1963 we have pioneered the No Fee, no hassle approach to Fleet Leasing. At CFS, promises made are promises kept. We offer no excuses, no surprises

Corporate Fleet Services is your alliance partner whether you require just one vehicle or hundreds. We take care of one client, one vehicle at a time. There is nothing more important to our business than helping you with your vehicle needs. We want you as a client for life!

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