13 Apr Vehicle Fleet Management In Times Of Covid-19

The repercussions of COVID–19 have trickled down into every aspect of life at present, and that includes vehicle fleet management. Industry experts are even now monitoring the ramifications brought about by the pandemic, and are attempting to forecast future impacts. Your fleet management strategy must...

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auto fleet management

19 Mar Tracking Tips For Auto Fleet Management

Auto fleet management involves a process of tracking vehicles by using a GPS system that is capable of gathering many different kinds of information, and all this information can then be used to improve the performance of your fleet as well as your drivers. It...

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10 Feb The Future Of Fleet Services

The rise of cloud computing along with the integration of a tremendous number of devices in the vehicle industry is rapidly promoting the rise of the Internet of Things, in terms of the fleet services and management market. Several major processes have been impacted heavily...

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Auto fleet management

08 Nov The Importance of Auto Fleet Management Systems

In response to recent governmental regulations regarding the trucking industry, more companies in that industry have installed auto fleet management systems in their vehicles, so that better monitoring of drivers and vehicles can be obtained. A renewed focus on vehicle safety and driver safety is...

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